Festival goers! Us? Who’d have thought it!

John has a view that one should arrive in Edinburch by train, reality is that it’s a lot cheaper to fly so Easy Jet it was. We arrived in a beautifully sunny Edinburgh yesterday. A fantastic journey from the airport on the top of a double decker bus but not as good as the train.

We’re staying in a small apartment right on The Royal Mile. It’s down a dark alley with a winding granite staircase. There are lovely high ceilings and big sash windows. Absolutely stunning if you could see further than two foot out of any window! The joys of Old Town living!


Pulling the suitcase up the hills to find the apartment wore John out but no time for a snooze, we were straight out to our first show. A Capella group in a converted Church in the new town. The walk there had been lovely, through grand residential streets with views of the Forth. The group, All The Kings Men, were Very clever and full of energy but we were both glad the show was only an hour. We decided A Capella was ok for about 3 songs!
We found ourselves in a small basement restaurant called Belted for dinner, which is recommended if only for the cow on wheels outside! Home grown burgers were on offer with a selection of beers and great friendly service to a backdrop of the Olympics.
We ummed and Ahmed what to do next. John says we need to do at least 10 shows before we come home. One down, 9 to go! Does it count if you walk past venues, Kim wondered?
There are buskers everywhere and The Royal Mile is full of street artists. We saw some clever juggling as well as listening to a very clever guitarist singing satires on American politics.


Our evening ended with us joining the crowd at the end of Lawnmarket, waiting for the Tattoo to finish. Not only did we get to see the Queen’s coach, we also had a great (free!) view of the fireworks. Apparently the whole Tattoo leaves past Lawnmarket but we were too tired to stay any longer.


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