The vote is cast and we’re outcasts…..

So we woke up to news that the likes of Boris and Nigel had won the day. The public face of the Leave campaign doesn’t make me proud to be British. Having said that, the Remain campaign wasn’t up to much either.
It’s been a hot topic in the dining room this morning and Norway’s not even in the EU. We’ve discovered Americans and Germans have very strong views and neither of us felt ready to join in the debate.
There’s no doubt that change is needed but it’s still a sad day. Let’s hope it drives a positive change that improves our public services and standard of living for those that need it most rather than turn us into a nation of insular, inward looking xenophobes.
Matt’s talking about emigrating to Australia, we hope to get home before he’s gone.
John challenged me to write this in French. The best I can manage, without the help of Google translate is:
Nous sommes tres triste
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