Bergen to Sogndal

Kim’s turn to drive and the rain has kept us company all day!

Our route took us out along Osterfjord and followed fjord after fjord for 150 miles. The scenery is stunning and we’re not bored of it yet. The roads are lovely to drive, it’s a shame about the tunnels. There are hundreds of them, ranging in length from fat bridges to the longest in the world! Some are dark, narrow and terrifying when driving a hire car with the steering wheel on the wrong side.
We stopped for lunch at the old Railway station in Voss which is gearing up for its annual extreme sports festival, it looked like it could very pretty when not covered in grey cloud.
For the last half of our drive, Aurland to Laerdal, we had a choice……… longest tunnel in the world or the snow road across the top of the glacier which only opens in the summer. 25km in a tunnel or 48km over the mountain? Snow route it was! The climb up the mountain was terrifying – single track road, hairpin bends and sheer drops off the edge. We stopped halfway up for Kim to have a break, stop shaking and man up. 

After a few deep breaths we were on our way and it was spectacular when reached the top. The temperature plummeted to 4 degrees and we drove for miles through snowdrifts higher than the car, past frozen lakes. We ventured out of the car long enough to practise our selfie skills (more work needed, we think)


Feeling rather smug having arrived safely back at fjord level, we decided that we couldn’t miss out on the longest road tunnel in the world and chose to do the 50km round trip it would take to drive through the tunnel and back again. The tunnel has been designed with special rest areas and they are very special…


We finally arrived in Sogndal and found in a little cafe  overlooking the fjord for dinner. Homemade fish soup and carrot soup washed down by a selection of 3 (out of 40) local beers on offer and a game of chess. A lovely way to end the day.


Tomorrow night we’re staying in a wooden hut with communal showers and toilets so we shall make the most of our hotel tonight.


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