The top of the world…….twice!

Last night we avoided the main tourist areas and found a Tapas bar, Kim tried the squid, John was not so brave.  We arrived just as it opened and were the only people in there initially but by the time we came to leave it was completely full with Spanish people, a good choice.

Day two of the extreme swimming competition and the town is heaving but the sun is shining so Kim spent the morning reading on the beach while John explored the town. Late morning we took on the challenge of the walk to the lighthouse, San Sabastia, which allegedly is only 30 minutes but up a vertical cliff!!  The views were spectacular but it was one of those walks where the road winds up a hill that goes on forever


We’re starting to get the hang of Spanish eating habits so our treat was a late lunch when we’d done the walk back into town. It’s funny how coming down is so much easier!
Today was the day for re-acquainting ourselves with the Fiat for a drive along the coast. It really is a very different type of car to drive, particularly when trying to go up steep, narrow winding roads. Our trip to Aiguablava and Begur was stressful. It was harder to drive up the hill to Begur than the walk had been earlier. We were tempted to drive down to Tossa De Mar but decided that was for another day and in the daylight.
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