Top Tips from ‘Angel’

1. Baseball is not a sport. It is a chance for people to get together and socialise! If you must do baseball you support the Mets not the Yankees

2. Never go to The Bronx – it is a scary place to be
3. Never walk with your map out – you’ll be pickpocketed
4. Be focussed at all times. There is no room for ditherers in NYC
6. Take the subway to Bedford Ave in Brooklyn for the best meatballs ever
7. Never, ever visit NY in July or August – the weather is ‘soupy’
8. The subway is for wimps, you can walk everywhere- just be fast
9. It is illegal to sound your car horn in NYC and carries a $500 fine. A previous Mayor tried to enforce the ruling and the city ground to a halt so he gave up
10. You can legally walk around NY naked as long as you are not handling food!

3 thoughts on “Top Tips from ‘Angel’”

  1. I think it's just as well you are about to come home now you've admitted to not knowing the Bronx is a scary place! Clearly not enough time spent watching Cagney & Lacey, etc


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