The story of Prometheus and the Goat via The Plastic Ono Band

Our last day saw us killing time until we leave for JFK at 6pm. Culture, we thought, after fighting everything back into suitcases and checking out.

We did what has become our usual trek through Grand Central Station and continued our journey to the Rockefeller Plaza and MOMA. This was our first experience of the Plaza and it was beautiful.

The highlight of the Plaza is the statue of Prometheus recreated in the Lego Shop. I bet you can’t tell which one is real



MOMA kept us entertained for a couple of hours. The Yoko Ono exhibition was everything you would expect, John and Matt refused to play the ‘what’s the best thing you’ve seen?’ Game. So here’s Kim’s – the Picasso Goat which could keep the Frick Museum Frog company



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