Brooklyn Bridge to Harley Davidsons

via a GoPro outlet with a lovely guy called Angel who should have been our tour guide from day 1!

A successful subway trip saw us in Brooklyn for a walk back to Manhattan across the bridge. It was nice to get out of the city and see the island from across the East River. There was a feeling of space that has been missing despite the tour of Central Park.


We looked in the library (very pro-American) and then strolled through a nice residential area to Brooklyn Heights and along the promenade where the view of Manhattan from the bridge was fantastic, and put our aching feet into context. When seen from a distance, it’s a stupidly long way from Battery Park to the Rockefeller Centre!
A swift stop to try some frozen custard and then a walk over the famous bridge took us back into Manhattan by City Hall and the Woolworth Building (yes, it was built by the Woolworths we all knew and loved) which is beautiful and photos don’t really do it justice.


Both the wealth, and egos, behind some of these fantastic buildings is astonishing.
The heat and humidity are proving a challenge today so we found ourselves in an air-conditioned ‘geek’ outlet where we had a lovely chat with Angel who, with his local knowledge, would have been great to meet on our first day. We are in the USA so obviously our next stop was a Harley Davidson dealership, and yes you guessed it………..we couldn’t resist and brought a cup of tea.
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