Staten Island Ferry to Times Square

I bet you didn’t know you could do that!! Ok, you can’t but that’s how we spent Friday evening.

The ferry was not too busy so we were able to sit outside and watch as we sailed past ‘Lady Liberty’ and into Staten Island. 


A brisk walk through the terminal saw us back on the same ferry for the return trip. The mist was descending so views weren’t great but the Ferry’s free so we weren’t complaining 
A walk up Wall Street took us back for another battle with the subway, only three trains for the return journey which felt like success for us!
Despite feeling very weary, we decided Friday night was for Times Square. Slightly refreshed after a meal of cheese on toast with tomato soup, we walked to Times Square via Broadway and Macy’s (we must go in there before we leave). The ‘square’ appears to be one long road rather than a square. The generation gap became clear, Matt was in heaven whilst we were wondering what on earth we were doing there! Bright flashing neon lights, packed streets and weird street artists.  Would you get topless women in Trafalgar Square? A walk back down 5th Avenue took us back to the apartment. 


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