New York Subway conquered…..

….. hotel finally discovered! We know we’re in the right city – yellow cabs, sirens and steam rising from pavements.

Flight was effortless and we’d recommend Delta -the safety video was hilarious and Oscar worthy, they kept plying us with food and drink and the entertainment selection was fab.
Our journey from JFK was traumatic. The queues at immigration were hideous – never again will we be smug when we sail through customs in the UK. The Airtrain from JFK to the subway was fast and scary – no driver and a steep drop down one side. As to the subway, what dippy system has gates that go both ways so you don’t know if you’re coming or going? A misleading map and poorly signed trains equalled a cheap but stressful ride. Customs and Subway officials grumpy and rude, locals in NY lovely and helpful. Taxi to be booked for the journey back, we think!
Hotel has a complimentary wine hour every evening so there go the plans for exploring for a while. We also have a huge room!
Tickets booked for the Empire State Building today which we shall do at dusk, drunk or not! Dusk feels a long way off……

2 thoughts on “New York Subway conquered…..”

  1. Managed!! Yes we to have a NY subway tale! Amused to hear about ur ticket fiasco, knew there was a reason Alex like to get to the airport 3/4 hours before we need to …….or is it the shopping?
    Looking forward to next instalment and enjoy Empire State. We have some good pics taken by Charlie – an interest sparked from Mats enthusiasm.


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