Tigers hiding in the grass?

Our claim to fame is flying home with the Australian Olympic BMX Team, it means we are almost Olympians.

After the apprehension of a 12 hour flight and 7 hour time difference the flight was almost pleasant compared with the outward journey. With our limited experience of flying long-haul it looks like Quantas is a good choice.

Many thanks to Ken, Kim’s Dad, who got up a 3am to collect us from Heathrow. We were out of the airport in less than an hour from touchdown and home in less than two hours. That must be some sort of record or have border controls been relaxed for the Olympics?

Thanks also to Diane, Kim’s mum, for filling up the fridge so that we came home to bacon and mushroom sandwiches for breakfast but we did have to cook them ourselves which came as a bit of a culture shock! Despite all this, they let themselves down – the grass is only half cut and the weeds are having a party! Any volunteeers for gardening while we sleep??!

We’ve had a fantastic time, although the kitchen looks awful, which brings us full circle back to where we started.

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