We arrived last night to 33 degrees and over 90% humidity which came as something of a shock to say the least even though we were expecting it. We had been tempted to continue on our journey home by staying on the plane rather than stopping in Singapore and were beginning to wish we had.

We had been told about how clean and safe Singapore is with no litter or chewing gum allowed, and there are no ‘Ali Ba-Bas’ as they have all been locked safely away. As a result of this there are very few police officers as they are not needed. We are sure there is a flaw in this arrangment but so far its not obvious.

Our hotel overlooks the river and Clarke Quay which is THE place to be, but only if you’re 18-30. Lots of bars and restaurants which were noisy and heaving with people and loud music. It was all a bit much for Kim and Matt who were muttering about not leaving the hotel again until the heat and humidity get a little more accepatable, which as we are less than 80 miles from the equator won’t be any time soon.

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