From over a land down-under

As we fly over Australia on our way home, a few thoughts before it all becomes a distant memory.

Would we want to be one of the £10 Poms? We understand these were people from the UK who were offered the chance to move to Australia for £10 , including moving their furniture and subsequent hostel accomodation for up to two years. In summary probably not, while the weather is tolerable at the moment (winter) all of the indications are that heat and humidity in the summer months would be unbearable for us and we’d be eaten alive by the insects.

With a climate capable of growing most crops, together with substantial oil and mineral reserves (highly sought after by China), used wisely there should be a buoyant future in Oz for a good few years.

Therefore the ideal situation would be a double aspect apartment overlooking both Sydney Harbour and the Opera House with the wealth to fly ‘First Class’ for holidays. We just missed one of the apartments, it sold to a Mr Russell Crowe for only $17 million.

There is no doubt that Oz is a very expensive place to visit, $9 for a small bottle of beer in one bar! Most items appear to be about twice the cost when compared with the UK apart from petrol which is 30% less.

We don’t have much luggage with us as we are supposed to be travelling light, to make it easier on public transport. So is the bulge which has appeared in Kim’s suitcase a pair of shoes, a kangaroo or a can of petrol?

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