Some other Pom…..

Last night was spent watching the sun go down from Fraser Island before an early night. We had to be up at 6.30 to make our transfer back to Brisbane!

We caught the ferry before 8am and had a great time chatting to the Island’s resident photographer. He kindly rang a mate to find the final results of the Tour for us. Apparently a couple of Poms came 1st and 2nd and some other Pom won the stage!!

We were met by a lovely cheery coach driver who made the 4 hour drive a real pleasure. He shared his local knowledge throughout the journey and was a joy to meet!

It’s good to be back in Brisbane, lots of cafes that stay open later than 8.30. we’ve missed the hustle and bustle although after 2 hours in a shopping mall the beach did seem appealing.

It may be the cafe life all day tomorrow or we may hire bikes. Only time will tell…

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