I’m not a celebrity but get me out of here!!

Our last night on Fraser Island and we feel we’re ready to return to civilisation. This place has the most wonderful breakfast which is a very civilised way to start the day…

After sorting out our nourishment we hired a 4wd to visit Lake Mckenzie which is fairly spectacular. We did find ourselves comparing it to Lake Windemere. We shared the journey with a lovely young Irish couple that we met on the first night whilst lost trying to find our room. It was great to have some company other than ourselves!

We’re back to civilisation tomorrow and will relish the internet, cafes that don’t close at 8 and (Kim never thought she’d say this) no sand between our toes!

We’ll upload some photos when we’re back in Brisbane. In the meantime please have some sympathy for us, we’ll be up by 6:30am tomorrow to catch the 7:50 ferry back to ‘Mr Grumpy Tours’. We really didn’t plan this part of the trip very well at all!!

We’re glad we did Fraser Island but feel no need to come back. If we want remote and quiet, we can stay at home. If we want hot,sunny pools, we can do the Med….

ust checked the weather in the UK, good to see you’re having better weather than us. We hope it last til we get home

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