We should have checked the map!

Friday started in a lovely sunny Brisbane. Breakfast in Poppy’s Deli was followed by a walk along the river, around the pools and artificial beach. This is Kim’s type of city – clean, lots of cafes and a day that doesnt seem to start until after 10am. Very civilised.

We drove out to the airport to pick up our transfer to Fraser Island and were met by the world’s grumpiest driver. We were expecting a 2 hour drive, after 2 hours Mr Grumpy let us leave the coach for a comfort break. No more than 10 minutes or he would leave without us! 4 hours after leaving Brisbane, we arrived at Hervey Bay. We were abandoned with ‘your bus will pick you up here, don’t know what time but you’d better be waiting for it’. Off he went into the sunset leaving us rather bemused, tired and hungry. We were in big trouble with Matt because we’d assured him the journey was not much further than Australia Zoo!

It felt like we’d been abandoned in some backwater trading post from a wild west movie.

Currently we’re waiting patiently, hoping the stage coach arrives, we wouldnt want to spend the night here…….

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