£10 Pom and rainforest

We said a reluctant goodbye to Sydney this morning, took the most effortless flight of the trip to Cairns where we were met by our first £10 Pom, Roger. He came over to Oz with his family and furniture in 1970 they were provided with hostel accommodation for two years and has never looked back. On leaving the airport, we were hit by the change in climate, hot and humid. Luckily not as bad as HK or we may never have left the airport!

Palm Cove is very tropical and we’re staying in a small resort amongst the palms with the beach just across the road. It’s like an upmarket Center Parcs and we’re staying in a glorified tree house. It’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. As you can see from the photo, both the boys are full of life.

Luckily the Stinger season is over so we can bathe in the sea without wetsuits, but we have been warned to look out for salt water crocs. Apparently they can turn up at any time but there’s no need to worry!!

One thought on “£10 Pom and rainforest”

  1. G'day All,

    Sounds as though you're all having a fantastic time down under. We've enjoyed reading about your adventures to date and maybe we'll make back packers of you yet!! Tell Matt congratulations on the race win, obviously just a walk in the park for such a talented athlete. We look forward to more updates.

    Best wishes – Jacky and Ken x


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