Time to leave Hong Kong

Our time in HK is at an end and we’re making the most of our last few minutes in this amazing hotel while waiting for our shuttle to the airport. It’s sooooo hot and sunny here!
Last night we ate in the chinese restaurant in the hotel, lovely food but we’re still not quite sure what abalone is! This was followed by a walk along the harbour front. What was supposed to be a gentle stroll turned into a long trek into the main shopping area in Kowloon in very warm, humid conditions. The views across the harbour at night were spectacular and well worth all the blisters and sore feet.
We had an early start and, ahead of the crowds, took the tram up to The Peak. Fantastic views across the whole of the island.  We made our way back on The Star Ferry after spending time in the biggest Apple store ever and deciding that we’re really not shoppers. Hong Kong is definitely for shoppers!  We returned to the hotel with a sigh of releif, it really is too hot for us, and the afternoon’s been spent relaxing by the pool. We shall miss the luxury and hospitality…..

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