New kitchen or Australia?

 A frequent conversation, usually with a glass of wine, but the decision is made and we are off on our travels on Thursday.

It started 10 years ago with the television series ‘The Crocodile Hunter’.  Steve Irwin left a lasting impression on 6 year old Matt, Kim’s always had a desire to see croc’s in their native land and John just has itchy feet! (Probably some type of disease) 
We’re spending a couple of days in Hong Kong before flying to Sydney.  Sydney is followed by Cairns where we’ll stay in Palm Cove and Matt will compete in the annual David Todd Memorial 1 mile run. Then we’re off to Brisbane and the long awaited visit to Australia Zoo before a few days on Fraser Island. Back to Brisbane for a couple of days and the final leg of our trip is three days in Singapore.
Watch this space for updates …….

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